Monday, July 22, 2013

Not too bad for a start...

Well, Autumn Session is over and Spring Session is on the horizon and getting closer! Pre-maths tutorials this week, classes start next week and we'll be back in full swing the following week with tutorials and pracs starting up!!

For PSYC121 Foundations of Psychology A, I got a Distinction. It was a 75. Going into the exam I was sitting on 84 - just one shy of a HD but the exam levelled out my marks a little. Still, it does make me wonder what I could have achieved if I hadn't spent the last four weeks prior to the exam in hospital. Yep, the good ole Bipolar ship took a dive around mid-May which was OK, because it was after all of my assignments had been handed in and I only had the exam left, but I am sure I didn't study as effectively as i could have, especially since I didn't have access to my computer. But I am certainly not going to turn my nose up at a D. Not too bad for a start. And I can now officially say that I have completed my first university subject since 1999!

This semester the pace is going to pick up a little. I am enrolled in three subjects. PSYC122 Foundations of Psychology B, PSYC123 Statistics and PSYC116 Psychology of Health and Activity. Three is alot, I know, especially considering that I only completed one last session but the theory behind the madness is that if I can cope with 3, it will prove that I am capable of pulling off a full-time load and if I cannot cope, I will just drop back to two before the HECS census date.

So fingers crossed. Take a deep breath and HERE WE GO!

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