Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Its been a while but I have finally returned to the theatre. This time I am not onstage but behind the scenes as a stage hand. It has been fantastic just being in the theatre again. I love the feelings I have when I step off the street and into the lobby of the theatre, let alone behind the proscenium arch! Well, actually, at the Workshop Theatre, there isn't actually a proscenium arch, but you get my drift.

The show I am working on at the moment is a 1950s Cabaret show with a range of impersonators and a few comedy sketches mixed in to add to the entertainment value. I am onstage briefly for one sketch and for the duration of another sketch but in the role of "stage hand" so there's not really all that much acting involved.

The people are lovely and there is a possibility that I might be backstage again in April for the Workshop's upcoming production of I Am Shakespeare.

Its funny how theatre seems to be a natural extension of myself. Whether I am backstage or onstage, I just naturally know what to do and where to be. Emma and I (the other stage hand) work really well together and we have barely done two rehearsals together. There just seems to be a natural rhythm to the show.

So here's me for the next two weeks. Balancing uni and the theatre. Although its not really that much of a balancing act. Uni is my life and my passion and theatre is my downtime and as long as I keep that in perspective, I don't mind if I do!